Ingredient Statement

We use only the best ingredients that we can find. We start locally… and if not available locally then we will widen our circle. Everything is balance. Sometimes the local products while available, are not up to the levels of quality we require. High quality, natural, organically grown, fresh, sustainable foods are our ultimate goals. We know that when you start with the best you stand a much better chance of ultimately serving the best.

We strive to provide a wide range or variety of menu items that will meet an equally wide range of diets. Some of our offerings easily can be considered vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian or ovo-lacto vegetarian. Others are gluten free (but not made in a gluten free environment). Feel free to let us know about any allergies or diet restrictions you have and we will do our best to meet your needs.

We use certified organic butter, not margarine, sucanat and minimally processed sugars not sugar substitutes or high fructose corn syrups; Certified organic cream or whole milk not skim or canned milk (unless they are an integral part of the recipe, such as canned condensed milk used in our “traditional” chai tea). We use unbleached organic flours, minimally processed vegetable and coconut oil. We know that when you are baking fresh, high quality pastries and desserts like we do, you can not cut corners… besides, where is the fun eating low fat, low sugar pastries?

Our goal always has been and continues to be to use beef, poultry, pork and seafood that is raised in a safe and healthy environment. We do everything we can to make sure all the meat we purchase and serve is not only of the highest quality but that it also meets the following standards: Seafood: wild caught Eggs : cage free Poultry, Beef and pork: Free range, steroid free, anti-biotic free. This also applies to our diary products. We use only those items that meet government standards to be labeled “certified organic”. Whenever possible we will make our own hams and corned beef from scratch, roast our beef and turkey in our own ovens. This way we can control the ingredients used in the marinades and cooking process. Cutting back on or completely eliminating the chemical additives, sulfites and sulfates.

Our efforts to provide you the most natural and safest foods will shine through in every bite…. we will try to personally know where many of our products are grown, raised, or processed. In some cases going so far as to know the name of the farmer who grew the produce or raised the livestock. Being this involved with the foods we buy makes us more respectful towards the resources we use. Our personal investment and connection makes us want to be sure that you enjoy your meal… your pastry…. your beverage just as much as we enjoyed preparing it.