Hattie’s feels that one of the most important things we can do to insure that we provide you with the best possible food and drink…. is to source the best ingredients.  Sometimes that may mean “organic”, or it may mean “sustainably farmed”.  It always starts with looking for local growers and suppliers. Although, with over 200 different foods, beverages and supplies in stock,…local… is not always an option.  In any case, Hattie’s prides itself on knowing the manufacturing and/or growing source for all of the items we purchase and sell.  To that end, we have developed some very key relationships with companies and growers that we trust day in and day out to provide us with the very best anyone has to offer.  On this page we would like to introduce you to some of those suppliers.

Coffee…the name Hattie’s Café and BEANERY really says it all. We are thrilled to provide some of the best, high quality, organically grown, and truly “fair trade” beans available. While we do not roast all of the coffees we sell, we do roast many that we sell here on site. To know which are roasted here simply ask or look at the label on the bins and bags.

Hattie’s has aligned themselves with two great coffee suppliers.  “Thrive Farmers” and “Portland Roasting Company”.  Our green beans are supplied by  Thrive Farmers, an organization that has delivered on the promise to help the private, small farmer get his beans to market and receive a truly fair price. By moving to a system of “direct to table” supplies, Thrive has been able to cut out several layers of “middle men” and this has allowed the monies derived from the sale of the beans to go directly to the farmer… in some cases increasing their income by 10 or 12 times what they were previously making. When you buy our coffee, you are helping to change the life of the farmer, his family and the lives of the people who live in his community.   Currently they are offering beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras. Estate, reserves, blends and single origin.

We roast practically everyday. We roast for our own in-house use and sales, for some of the local restaurants and offices and we are happy to develop a private roast(s) for any of our customers who want that special coffee that meets their specific tastes. Be sure to ask about roasting a pound or two for you.

Portland Roasting Company our supplier for roasted beans, was named “Roaster of the Year” 2012, by Roast Magazine.  They have spent the last 15 years developing relationships with farmers all over the world.  They not only support fair trade but they also go to great lengths developing ties with the communities that surround the farms that they buy from.  Their longstanding relationships in coffee communities have paved the path for many projects at coffee origin and beyond.  It may involve an orphanage in Sumatra… or providing clean drinking water for children in Tanzania… or come full circle back to Portland where they do everything they can to be “carbon neutral.  Visit their website at  www.portlandroasting.com to find out more.

ALSO:  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will be keeping you updated every time we start and finish a roast during our regular operating hours. This way, if you are in the area you will be able to swing by and pick up a pound or two of the new roast as it comes out of the roaster. Order a regular house roast or your own special roast by phone or e-mail and we can use Twitter or Facebook to let you know when it is ready for pick-up. For a true coffee lover, there is nothing better than walking out with a bag of beans so freshly roasted that they are still warm, while the aroma fills your car and your home.

Hattie’s promise is to concentrate on providing the best cup of coffee or coffee drink you have ever had and to do it in a way that won’t require you, our customer to learn a foreign language. We offer pressed coffees as well as slow steep and we serve them Hot, Frozen (our Coffee Crushes) and Iced. For that customer who just wants a steamin’ hot cup-o-joe? We have that also. Decaf? Of course. Flavored? More than we can count. Our unique grind and blend system will even allow you to mix your beans, from that day’s selection, creating your own blend that we can brew for you within minutes. The way you want it is the way we will make it.