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Happy 2013

We have been open just over one week and the response has been fantastic.  We made a few mistakes…. took longer than we should have with a few orders …. even missed one… but everyone was great about it.  Each day we do a bit better working out the kinks.  We have already had many repeat customers and we look forward to seeing everyone in the new year.

So from Hattie’s to you and yours, we wish you a very safe and Happy New Yearshutterstock_102711578

Opening Day is nigh

We are getting very, very close to opening.  So far, we are only two weeks past what we had predicted in August.  After several delays such as: finding the right walk-in cooler,  counter install issues and design changes, we are almost ready.  We hope to pass the final state inspection middle of next week and then open Saturday, December 22nd.  Our first employee meetings take place this weekend.  If anything goes wrong, our fall-back date will be December 26th.    STARTING MONDAY or TUESDAY (Dec 17th or 18th) we hope to start selling our GIFT CARDS.  As a Christmas special, we will give a 10% discount on any amount purchase of the GIFT CARDS.   Also, every purchase of cards worth $50 or more, you will receive another gift card worth $5.  Shop early, shop often!

Fresh as Fresh gets…

Orange Juice…. When it comes to OJ, Hattie’s takes “fresh” several steps forward.   We hand you the cup or reseal-able container… we hand you the oranges…. You juice them in our auto-juicer.  Now it just cannot get any fresher than that.   BUT… it can get better and it does.  Fresh is just one aspect of your adventure.  We live in an area surrounded by citrus groves.  So Hattie’s will do their best to provide oranges from growers that use good “organic” practices.  We will also provide a variety of oranges based on the time of the year, so that you will be able to squeeze the kind of juice you enjoy.  Sweet?  Tart?  Lots of pulp?  A little pulp?  Florida provides access almost year round to a large variety of oranges and each orange offers a unique flavor.  Buy a fresh cup’s worth to drink right away… or use one of our special quart or half-gallons growlers so you can take some home and share with the family or to make mimosas at your own special brunch.    We will also offer other seasonal fruits (such as tangerines and grapefruits) for juicing as they become available and when they meet our quality standards.

Tempting with Teas

We proudly serve TeaSource teas  We are constantly testing new teas and suppliers but we have not found anyone who is as good as TeaSource at consistently supplying fresh, flavorful teas from all over the world,  many of which are certified organic. For those that are not they still follow all of the same proper procedures and practices as those who are…they are simply to small and too remote to be able to afford the thousands of dollars it  can cost to become “certified organic”.

Cuppa.At Hattie’s we can steep a cup for you to enjoy in-house or make you a tea bag “to go” that is filled with the loose leaf tea and/or herbs you choose.   We offer a wide variety to choose from as well as a very flavorful line up of Chai tea styles.  Hattie’s has tried very hard to find teas that can hold up to repeat steeps.  As a matter of fact, some teas are probably better on the second steep.  We felt it was high time that tea drinkers got to enjoy some of the same benefits as the coffee drinkers…..FREE REFILLS, and multiple steeps equals free re-fills.

So, when you have the chance, stop in and order a tea that can be steeped right there, then enjoyed in the store or outside in the patio area.  Enjoy the first cup and then feel free to ask someone at the counter to get a second or even third steep started for you.  Iced or steaming hot teas… any way you like it.

Cold Brew….. but not beer

OK, your first response to “cold-brewing” was probably “what the…?  You can’t cold-brew coffee!”  Everything you hear about brewing coffee, and particularly espresso, talks about getting the temperature hot enough to do the job right.  Cold brew or cold press refers to the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period.  Cold brewing takes time, as do most good things. Surprisingly enough, about 90% of the flavor elements and the normal or even higher than normal caffeine content come through this way, while only about 15% of the oils and acids will make it through the process.   It will slightly change the taste of your coffee, but not the way you might think. It will strongly concentrate those most prevalent characteristics and elements of each roast that most people like, making “super-flavor” coffee. The flavor elements you like about a given coffee will probably be up to twice as strong, yet the overall brew will have far less bite and acidity.  It is this process that Hattie’s uses to make our incredible iced-coffees and Coffee Crushes.  We also are very pleased to be able to offer our “cold brewed” syrup for sale in 32 oz and 64 oz growlers.  With a three to one ratio of water to syrup, you are sure to have plenty of iced coffees at home or in your office “on demand”.   Simply pour over ice, add three times the amount of water… add sugar and or cream to taste and enjoy.   We make a batch at least once a day, but since each and every drop takes at least two days to make, and it is sure to sell out quick, please be sure to call ahead and reserve your quart or ½ gallon.  (There is a deposit required for our special “to-go” containers)

Who is your “Coffee Crush”?

Coffee Crush:  What is a Coffee crush? The “Urban Dictionary” defines it as:

COFFEE CRUSH: A coffee crush is interpreted as the inexplicable urge to visit a female (or male) who works at the local coffee shop repeatedly even when not in a current state of craving coffee. Usually there is no real motive behind the visit other than to see the employee in which you have the crush on.

Side effects may include: Finding out through conversation that your crush has a significant other, having your drink ready before you reach the window hence less time for conversation, lonely nights, etc…

Male 1: Geez, you filled up your stamp card in 3 days!

Male 2: Yeah… I kind of have a Coffee Crush

 Coffee Crush on Urban Dictionary

Hattie’s defines a Coffee Crush as: An indulgent blend of quadruple strength “cold brewed “ coffee shots, fresh milk (or milk substitutes), blended with ice and any other flavors such as mocha sauce, chocolate, and/or an assortment of syrups.  Then it can be topped with whipped cream …. it is your call.   With over almost a dozen syrups and a wide selection of fresh coffees to choose from, the combinations are endless.

Our most popular flavors:  Mocha, Cappuccino, Vanilla Latte, Carmel and Spiced Chai.   Be sure to stop in or check out our Facebook page to see what special and seasonal blends we may be offering.