Hattie’s Goal: Great service, and even better food.

We do this by trying our best, whenever possible, to purchase products that are grown or produced locally, food and supplies that are from sustainable markets or produced in a way that impacts our environment in the smallest possible manner. We will strive to use foods that are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or growth hormones. Almost all of our pastries, meats, soups, and beverages will be made on-site and from scratch. Not only will we know what is in the food and beverages we buy; in many cases we will know the grower and the processor personally. It is not just our belief, it is a fact: when it comes to the things we eat and drink, natural, fresh and organic is best.

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Hattie’s Promise

We promise to do our best to use only the most natural of foods, to use local and organic grown fruits, vegetables and meats whenever possible to purchase from farms and suppliers who not only believe in fair trade and fair employment practices but who also insist on it in their own business.

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Hattie’s Story

Hattie’s is an ode to a family history filled with restaurant glory.  Some think it may have started in 1939 with the very first “Aunt Hattie’s” built in St. Petersburg, FL by Ed and Hattie Boore along with their son Frank.  Actually it started years before that with a small, summer-season-only bed and breakfast called “The Elms”…

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Ingredient Statement

Only fully sourced and fresh ingredients.

We use only the best ingredients that we can find. We start locally… and if not available locally then we will widen our circle. Everything is balance. Sometimes the local products while available, are not up to the levels of quality we require. High quality, natural, organically grown, fresh, sustainable foods are our ultimate goals…

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Welcome to Hattie’s Café and Beanery.